About Flora Tea

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Welcome to our dedicated trade portal for quick and easy ordering.

As seen on BBC Dragon’s Den, Flora tea is a multi-award winning, London based, premier wholesale and retail tea company selling the unique Flora Tea™ concept, plus speciality leaf tea, pyramid tea bags and glass tea sets.  All our teas are ethically sourced from quality providers around the world.

As expected with such sensational products, Flora Tea is already successfully selling in selected hotels, restaurants, tea/coffee and deli shops, department stores, spas, golf clubs, casinos, cruise ships, hair salons, Christmas hamper companies and events organisers,  both in the UK and worldwide.

Try the hugely popular Flora Tea™ concept (see brochure link) –  this combines hand-tied, individual first-pick tea tips (green tea) with selected dried aromatic flowers, forming a tea ball/heart that then blooms into an artistic and captivating display when boiling water is added.  The  Flora Tea™ concept is a standout product for all tea loving customers visiting retail and hospitality outlets, as our existing trade buyers can testify.

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