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Some comments from our customers….


I have already experienced the beauty of flora tea. I never seen anything like this in my life, and I think it is something absolutely amazing! I already bought it as a gift to my family and they were also very impressed and… speechless!  I think that your product makes a very unlikely and an exclusive gift, which I would like to give it to all my friends.


I purchased one of your gorgeous tea’s (Jasmine with Love) – Now when I go back I get quite excited as to what divine luxury awaits me at the end of my meal.


Makes me feel reborn & rejuvenated & free.


Tastes like sunshine at night.


I love it… my eyes feel good and my body younger… the flower’s birth in the glass is amazing… life and beauty suddenly opening up in the world!

Emanuela, Italy

This (above) is true, I can see it!

Mark, Scotland

Excellent presentation and very nice taste.  Soothed my sore throat nicely – recommended!

David “the Ninja”, Glasgow

Really calmed my tickly cough.  Very smooth, loved it, and I don’t even like tea!


It warmed the cockles of heart… Delicious!!


Smells like honeysuckle on a summers day, in a meadow.


Reminiscent of scampering naked through a field of buttercups, while being chased by a naughty farmer’s daughter named Rachel.


It’s like drinking from an underwater garden of delight.


This tea is beautiful and delicious, but my Lucy is more beautiful, sorry.


Entertaining and refreshing.  Enjoyed the tea – a very novel idea.


Truly orgasmic!!! Give me more!!! Oh yeh baby!!!


I feel like a woman now that my flower has opened!!


Very unusual! Great presentation, tasted good, very relaxing.  Will definitely be trying again!

Julie & Stuart

Amazing experience. My heart sang and my mouth tingled.  Gorgeous tea.  I’ll be back for some more.


Very nice tea.


Tea was lovely, what an experience, will be back for more.  It’s amazing!


So pretty to look at!  Feels like walking barefoot on the grass, on a sunny morning.


Looks really beautiful and really helped my tickly cough!


The flavour of this tea blossoms as the flower comes to life in the glass.  A spectacular aromatic experience.


Like nothing I’ve ever experienced before in Scotland!  Incredible the way the flower opens.  So beautiful!  Tea is unmistakably green tea but so delicate with added flower taste.

Gerry & Scott

Very nice, an interesting change to plain green tea…


Great! Fantastic spectacle for the eyes.  Once cooled, it develops a full bodied flavour which remains refreshing.  Great experience for all the senses.  Can’t wait to try the other teas.


Most entertaining tea of the year!  Very pretty too!  Calming, delicate & refreshing!

Kirsty, Lou, Angie, Amanda

Absolutely beautiful to look at and gorgeous in flavour.  Very relaxing – it washes over one like a wave of calmness.  Definitely be back for more!


A very smooth taste and excellent to look at, it certainly hit the spot.  I usually don’t like green tea but with the mixture of other flavours it was great.  So pretty!


Lovely delicate tea, beautiful tea and it matched my nail varnish!


We loved the effect of this tempestuous bubbling octopus which opened into a spectacular flowered archway and the clear water transformed into a chardonnay coloured infusion, heavily scented with ‘Jasmine with Love’.  A thing of true beauty for all the senses.  We liked it so much we bought some to take home.  Five stars (out of five!).


Very pleasant & relaxing brew!! Beautiful to look at & soothing to drink.


What a beautiful surprise.  An amazing flower opened before my eyes.  I wondered what people were turning to look at.  A unique experience in a glass.  It’s not just pretty but tastes good too.


A herbal, visual delight and it’s healthy too.


So much more fun than tea in a bag!


Lovely, fresh, pleasing to the eye and mouth.  Will have to taste and view the rest!!!


Amazing.  Never have I had tea like this before.  Not only tasty but also beautiful!


As this tea began to spiral up into a colourful flower surrounded by green leaves I suddenly took a moment to relax in the busy city and was filled with the contentment of a delicious meal, happy company and my own little garden in a glass.  A beautiful nature in the city moment.


Lovely calming tea.  Helped with cold symptoms.


Light, floral, improves digestion, the flower looks alive like a fish under the sea.  Very strong taste of jasmine.  Also very authentic just like there’s a flower in it.


Lovely taste – brill to look at.  Great idea and good for your health > amazing!


Treat for the senses – beautiful, calming, refreshing.


Gorgeous! Looks stunning and tastes delicious.  The perfect compliment to my meal!


Very exciting to watch gently unfurling in the hot water – and the scent is wonderful!  A lovely delicate flavour.  It’s like a little work of art in a glass!


Tried for the first time.  Very pleasantly surprised.  Really enjoyed it.  Would buy again.  Love it!


Surprised when flower dropped, taste unusual but fantastic.


I’ve been wanting to try this ever since I saw Kirsten Dunst and Marie Antoinette drink jasmine flower tea in a the film!  Almost psychedelic watching the flower unfold and the ice meting in the hot water.  Lovely aroma and delicate taste.  So pretty!


A cheeky wee number which is a visual delight.  Exquisite taste which was a reminder of time spent in Japan.  Very entertaining at table and a calm and soothing end to any meal.